Our Organic Almondmilk is made just like you would make at home. The taste and texture come from using lots of almonds, not loads of unnatural “flavors” or gums. We soak and blend organic almonds, a spot of organic acacia (natural sap from the acacia tree) to keep it blended, and a touch of sea salt. That’s it. Then we bottle it so it’s super convenient for you. Just a few clean, simple ingredients. Enjoy!


AlmondCrème is a unique non-dairy frozen dessert that is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. We start by combining our Organic Almondmilk with other premium organic ingredients to create a creamy base that’s full of flavor and decadence—without the dairy. Like all our products, we use only what’s necessary to create exceptional flavors.


Our Barista Almondmilk was created to deliver a truly exceptional non-dairy experience. Professional baristas helped us develop a formulation with rich texture and smooth mouthfeel. Drink it straight or steam luscious micro-foam for beautiful latte art. It has a delicate almond flavor, with a touch of sweetness that perfectly compliments coffee, tea, and chocolate.